Last Man Standing!

Armagh city last man standing . Weekend starting 18/10. Please leave your team below if no team beside your name. Good luck to all.

Aidan Murphy . Out
Andy Moore. Arsenal.
Barry Quinn. Out
Bertie . Out
Conor mcanallen. .? No team yet
Conor mcnamee. .southampton
Conor Murphy . Out
Dale Montgomery. Out
Daniel metcalf. No team yet.
Dara Noonan. Southampton.
David Courtney. No team yet.
David Nesbitt. No team yet.
Eamon Kelly. Out.
Eoin donaghy. No team yet.
Eric Browne. Out.
Gareth grimely . No team yet.
Gary Cooke . Chelsea.
Geoff Lester . Man city.
Gerdie. No team yet.
Jack Ellis. Out
James Nesbitt. No team yet .
Jim Bruce. Everton
John Hynds. Chelsea.
Keith Nesbitt. Chelsea.
Kevin Keegan. Out.
Liam Cullen. No team yet .
Liam McGerrigan. No team yet.
Luke grimley. Newcastle.
Marty rice. Out.
Michael dobbs. No team yet.
Niall geoghegan. No team yet.
Nigel Cooke. Out
Paul Paul Carvill . No team yet.
Pearse donaghy. Out.
Peter mcclelland. Arsenal.
Peter shields. Everton.
Philip Donnelly. No team yet.
Philip Johnston . Out.
Christopher Crowe. Arsenal.
Robert Patterson. Out
Robert Hutchinson. Out
Robert Montgomery. Man utd.
Roly McCabe. No team yet.
Ronin o’hara. Out.
Ryan Mc Gerrigan. No team yet.
Ryan run nettle. No team yet.
Sean Morgan. Out.
Shea McGerrigan. No team yet.
Simon Allen. No team yet.
Simon Courtney. No team yet.
Spencer. Out
Stephen Murray. Out.
Stevie r. Out.
Tim foster. Arsenal
Tommy McAllister. Liverpool.

If no team put forward you will be given the first team alphabetically no already used.

If you have yet to pay please see. Philip Johnston, pudgy, kevin Keegan, or any committee member asap.
Thanks all.

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